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Hey !!, I’m Vignesh , am spending my days as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. I love to create things;

I love the Art of Programming and Learning Technologies, Find some more thing about me check out my works
I posted some thing which find interesting and feel the need to share with you. I use my blog as both a place to store useful information that i think that will come in handy to me at some point of time in the future, and also a place to help aid my learning. I find a great way to learn about something is to research about it and then write it up in my own words, read my blog posts

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a brief intro about myself

Vignesh A Sathiyanantham
Vignesh A Sathiyanantham

Vignesh A Sathiyanantham @ asvignesh

Hey, I’m Vignesh , author and developer of this web site, I am spending my days as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. I love to create things; new web applications, Java Applications

I coded my first application at my school time with my friends and programmed a small puzzle game.
In my college days I was doing freelancing, i created many web projects for small companies in my city and for my college

In my college days i Submitted papers for Many National Conferences, Participated in many paper presentations ,project expos and was member in Linux User Communities

After my engineering I joined a Startup company in Bangalore and developing web application, E-Commerce portals, vSphere Web Client Plugins

I am learning the Art of programming and my interests are varied and I always find myself with a long list of things I want to do, I spend my time in learning things, developing web applications, gaming , Facebook

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My Works

am working in a Bangalore based startup, Actively learning about the Server and Storage Virtualization from the experts in Vital Labs, With the help and guidance of them i Developed some applications , Below are the List of some areas i involved with Vital Labs team .

VMware Integration Plugins (Storage)

Developed NAS-VAAI plugin

Experience in developing vSphere web client plugin for Array Integration(Workflow Integration)

Experience in executing the VMware STAF Certification suite on ESX using VMware workbench

Understanding of SRA for SRM

Cloud / Server Administration

Experience in setting up the ESXi host , vCenter Server , Horizon view

Knowledge of setting up disaster recovery for Datacenter sites using VMware SRM

Experience in configuring EC2 , RDS , S3 , SES, Route53 in Amazon Web Services

Basic knowledge in DNS , Port forwarding , gateway , VPN setup , RDP , VNC , FTP Server

Web Development

Experience in developing RESTful web services using Java , PHP

Experience in developing PHP web applications

Knowledge of Word press , Drupal CMS

Understanding of MVC architecture

Working Knowledge of play and Codeigniter MVC framework


Knowledge of Stored Procedures and complex queries

Knowledge of Jaspersoft Businesss Intelligence reporting / iReport toolbox

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